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Desert Willow Glass

Snake N’ Dagger

Snake N’ Dagger

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119 pieces of glass, each cut, filed down to exact size, and wrapped in copper foil tape before all being soldered together to create one art piece. Glass measures 24x13.5, with the oak framing the complete piece measures 26x15.5.

The blade of the dagger is made with glass mirror & is only reflective on one side. The back of the mirror pieces are an ashy black color. When working with mirror, special precautions are made to preserve the coating on the back of the glass (mirrors are clear glass, the coating is what makes it a mirror!). Layers of sealant are applied after cutting & again after grinding. 

The snake’s eye is made out of dichroic glass & shifts from gold to a bright blue when in direct sunlight. 

Please indicate in the check out notes if you wish for this to be a wall or window hanging so the appropriate hardware can be attached. If you’re unsure, I can include both options. A screwdriver is all you need!

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