Stained Glass Care

Treat your glass with kindness. As strong as it looks and feels, it is still a fragile material.

General Cleaning

My stained glass pieces have been cleaned and sealed with protective wax.

For cleaning, I suggest using Sprayway Glass Cleaner (the spray can with a blue top) and thoroughly drying with a microfiber cloth. Please avoid using cleaning chemicals with ammonia (like Windex) since they can deteriorate and damage the solder, and over time, the integrity of the piece.

Hanging Sun-catchers

For hanging stained glass pieces, please make sure your hook is secure. I recommend avoiding command hooks.

Lead Notice

All of my stained glass pieces are soldered using a 60/40 tin/lead mix solder. I do seal the pieces when completed but for extra precaution, I do recommend washing your hands after handling. Keep out of reach from children or pets... Basically just don't lick it and there's minimal risk.