The Making of Cowboy Killers

Very early on in my stained glass experience - like when I was just researching & before I had actually made anything, I had the idea for a stained glass 'Cowboy Killers' cigarette box. The first time I smoked a cigarette (don't smoke kids), I was handed a marlboro & told it was a cowboy killer. That stuck with me for some reason. Over the years I had seen various digital artworks of Cowboy Killers, but I had never seen a 3D - or stained glass version. 

In January 2023, I started investing more time into stained glass & building up my skills - you have to be at least half decent at 2D soldering before you jump up to 3D. As soon as I thought I'd be able to execute the idea, I went for it. 

I made and posted my first Cowboy Killer in March 2023, and it was immediately clear to me that they would be my most popular design. Between March - June, I made around 45 Cowboy Killers (some of which were for my first bulk/retail sale!) and I learned so much through trial and error. 

As of June 1, 2023, I launched the Cowboy Killers 2.0 version with cleaner text etching (sand blasting), an improved font, durable enamel paint, and an improved construction technique. I am so proud of the improved quality, and they continue to get better as my skills develop. 

Following version 2.0, I had several well preforming tiktoks that added hundreds of people to the already existing waitlist. Initially, I was taking preorders but it quickly got overwhelming. As of now, I am randomly releasing 1 or 2 a month & announcing on IG Stories while I build up stock for a huge drop in May. Waitlist folks will receive early access to the sale. 

I've made & sold well over 100 cowboy killers as of early 2024, but my dad has the first one, and I love seeing it & remembering that this design has grown my skills & kick started my small business. 


p.s. If you're reading this, I appreciate your interest & dedication. Send me a DM or email & I can release one for you. 

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